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Item # AHR 03 A Sweet Sickness - The Flathead Movie
A tale of Ford's most influential engine
Join Hot Rod builder, and award-winning filmmaker Brian Darwas as he sits down and talks to the world's top engine builders and fabricators about the engine that pioneered a movement: the Ford Flathead. Learn speed secrets from Vern Tardel, get an in depth look at the build of two high-powered Flathead motors by Mike Herman (H&H) and Ronnie San Giovanni. Hear the stories that inspired Ryan Cochran to begin one of the most popular hot rodding networks in the world today, and ride along with Verne Hammond and Jack Carroll of the Burbank Choppers in their Flathead-powered, traditional hot rods.
$24.95 + Shipping.

Item # BD-01
The Big Drags - Volume 1
Nitroactive and Drag Films presents The Big Drags, Volume 1 DVD. This fantastic vintage Drag Racing DVD features a collection of three classic drag racing events from the early to mid-60's digitally restored to amazing quality.
The 1963 Nationals is an ABC Wide World of Sports presentation believed to be the first nationally filmed drag race to air on national television. 31 Min - B&W.
1965 Winternationals is another ABC Wide World of Sports film featuring amazing coverage of some classic drag racing not seen in over 30 years. This also features Don Prudhomme in his first NHRA Top Fuel victory. 25 Min - B&W
1965 A Gathering of Monsters comes from Fontana and features the Mickey Thompson 200 MPH Club Meet and includes Don Garlits, The B&M Torquemaster, The Surfers, and many more. 11 Min - Color.
67 Total Minutes.
$17.95 + Shipping

Item # BD-02
The Big Drags Volume 2 DVD
"The Big Drags" DVD features over 90 minutes of rare, vintage drag racing action from the glory days of the sport. You'll see exciting highlights from the 1964 NHRA Nationals, 1968 NHRA Nationals, and 1972 World Finals. There are also interviews of drag racing legends, Don "The Snake" Prudhomme, "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins, Dick Landy, Wally Parks, Linda Vaughn, and many more. This re-mastered footage also includes a special drag racing promotional film featuring Kelly Brown in the Wonder Wagon Funny Car, along with many other greats and notables from the '70s drag scene.
92 Total Minutes.
17.95 + Shipping.

Item # SM-01
Once Upon a Wheel
"Once Upon A Wheel" will take you back to a time when drag racing was starting to become an amazing spectacle and when Funny Cars actually looked like the production muscle cars they were mimicking. This historical DVD features Tom "Mongoo$e" McEwen and Don "The Snake" Prudhomme in unscripted interviews and hardcore Funny Car match racing 1970's style. You'll get a personal look at two of the biggest drag racers of that era as they hit Mid-America Dragway and Milan Dragway for a Best 2 out of 3 grudge match.
Special interviews include Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen as they recall the idea of creating the Hot Wheels "Mongoose and Snake" drag racing team. Also interviewed are John Force and Hot Wheels chief designer Larry Wood.
An added slide show bonus includes a photo tribute to both Prudhomme and McEwen.
This is a "must-have" for any Mongoose and Snake drag racing fan
$21.95 + Shipping.

Item # AHR-01
The Devil At Your Feet DVD
Atomic Hot Rods presents a film by Brian Darwas "The Devil At Your Feet."
Ride along with Hot Rod builder and award winning filmmaker Brian Darwas as he travels over three thousand miles from East to West. Get an inside look at two car clubs (Burbank Choppers and The Altar Boys) from opposite coasts as they share the same ideals and passion for traditional hot rods and customs.
This film is a "true study on what traditional hot rodding is really about." A hot rodding movie so intense it will leave your living room filled with exhaust and your carpet stained with grease.... Run time is 64 minutes + 40 minutes of extras.
$29.95 + Shipping.

Item # AHR-02
The Road to Bonneville DVD
Atomic Hot Rods Presents "The Road To Bonneville."
Join Hot Rod builder and filmmaker Brian Darwas as he rides shot gun with two of the most significantly influential hot rod builders of this generation for an epic cross country adventure. Ride along side Ken Schmidt and Keith Cornell of The Rolling Bones as they travel over 2,300 miles through ten states from New York to Nevada in their famous '32 Ford coupes; "The Wicked Sisters."
Pit next to The Hop Up Race Team and The Bean Bandits at what most people consider the birthplace of hot rodding: The Bonneville Salt Flats. Run time is 61 minutes + 40 minutes of extras.
$29.95 + Shipping.

Item #AN 01
American Nitro
American Nitro is the long-awaited digitally re-mastered version of the hit video featuring the most amazing drag racing sequences of the '70s caught on film. American Nitro goes behind the famous "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday" radio ads to explore the exciting world of late-'70s drag racing. From Venny's Vega, Don Prudhomme, Tom "Mongoo$e McEwen, Tommy Ivo, "Jungle" Jim Liberman, Jungle Pam, to wheel-standing exhibition wheelstanders, and more, American Nitro is a virtual explosion of drag racing captured in it's "heyday." This is not a bootleg version, but is digitally re-mastered for a high-quality viewing experience. Yes, this is the Drag Racing DVD you've been looking for all these years...
$29.95 + Shipping

Item # LI-D 03
Lions - The Greatest Drag Strip Vol 3 DVD
The nearly two-hour (110-min) video documentary on the revered, Southern California-based Lions Drag Strip, by longtime photojournalist, Don Gillespie, covers a critical and history-changing period from late 1966 to its closing in December 1972.
The episode is hosted by Jon Lundberg and narrated by Rick Carlson. More than 40 individuals have speaking parts throughout, including the sport's leading pioneer drivers, manufacturers, and key track workers. Such drag racing heroes as Don Garlits, Ed Iskenderian, Hayden Proffitt, Gas Ronda, Robert "Bones" Balogh, Carl Olson, Sush Matsubara, Tom McEwen, Pat Foster, Dale Pulde, C. J. Hart, Larry Sutton, and many more.
The final episode begins with nitro racing's version of a heavyweight bout, as Top Fuel dragsters fight the growing trend of AFX and early Funny Cars, on up to it's closing in December of 1972. Lions held the racing equivalent of Woodstock, with "The Last Drag Race", a colossal, yet tear-filled end to one of the sport's most historic and revered tracks.
$23.95 + Shipping

Item # LI-D 02
Lions - The Greatest Drag Strip, Part 2
Lions - The Greatest Drag Strip, part two covers Southern California's Lions Drag Strip in its wild and formative years - 1962 - 1966.
With the Nitro Ban lifted, the big, bad fuel machines returned to legendary drag strip. With C.J. "Pappy" Hart at the helm, quarter-mile racing's floodgates were spread wide open. This is the period when top fuel dragsters reached the 7-second zone. Racers like Don Prudhomme and T.V. Tommy Ivo were at the forefront of the action. Stockers went from carburetors to injectors, then alcohol and on to nitro. Local Jack Chrisman added a supercharger, then suddenly the Funny Car was born.
Witness the match-race craze between racers Tom McEwen and Don Prudhomme, and Stone Woods & Cooke VS. Big John Mazmanian.
It's all here on this amazing 1 hr and 40 minute DVD.
Relive Lions Drag Strip over and over again.
23.95 + Shipping

Item # LI-D 01
Lions - The Greatest Drag Strip DVD
Lions Drag Strip was arguably the most famous drag strip in Southern California during drag racings celebrated Golden Era. If you've never been to Lions Drag Strip and wondered what it may have been like, then this amazingly informative documentary will put you in the front row of drag racing like it was meant to be. If you were there, then prepare for a mind-jarring trip down memory lane.
Drag Racing photojournalist - and now Lions Drag Strip historian - Don Gillespie does an excellent job of putting together some of the most incredible never-before-seen video and still footage of Lions from its inception up to the early '60s when drag racing was king of all motorsports.
Prepare to sit back and enjoy the best, and most informative, drag racing documentary ever put together on the subject.
WARNING: This DVD is highly addictive and may require many viewings per household.
23.95 + shipping
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